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Traxmeet RaceLive is a live tracking solution for outdoor sport events. RaceLive provides live coverage of any competition from start to finish and creates a new race experience to competitors and spectators.  Viewers can follow races in real-time with top athletes and celebrities as well as any competitors that they want to tag.

Traxmeet offers an end-to-end technology platform for digitalizing races and events. Tracking can be done with GTS-200 device or our RaceLive smart phone APP (Click here to see our animated video about the APP). Our solution transfers outdoor races to online marketing events. Event organizers can generate new, proprietary, and interesting content for mobile, web, and TV enticing and attract new viewers, participants and sponsors.

Our live GPS tracking technology has been used in over 1000 races in Europe and US. Our references include Tour-de-France, Tour-de-Ski, Ski Classics, Orienteering World Championships and World cup, Helsinki City Marathon and many more. We have covered running, cycling, MTB, adventure sports, skiing, orienteering, sailing and motor sports races. References of the events

Differentiators of Traxmeet RaceLive:

- Competitors track their performance, receive notification of POIs
- Spectators follow real-time top athletes, VIPs and their friends
- Smartphone, web and TV live broadcast

Key features:

- Live tracking of multiple participants simultaneously in real-time
- View and replay events on any smart phone, tablet and PC
- Broadcast on-site on giant screens, in web and mobile, and on TV

Replay and view GANT 49er Turku

  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to:
  2. Adjust zoom level to 200% for the best overall view
  3. Center the map with click and drag
  4. Press play button
  5. Replay speed can be adjusted between 1 and 1200 times from the drop down menu











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