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Workplace Wellbeing

Employees are on sick leave for 10-20 days per year, in UK only work-related ill-health is costing over £100 bn. Our mission is to provide companies with tools to support their customers and employees to start and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Sufficient daily activity is important for physical and mental wellness, as physical activity has positive effects on your health. Already a small increase in daily activity can contribute to this.

ìts my life is a low threshold service for monitoring and motivating everyday physical activity at the workplace. The service consists of coaching, easy-to-use web service and small activity meter that you wear during daily activities.

ìts my life is based on self-monitoring with an activity meter, visual feedback via intenzlife.com, coaching by specially trained ìts my life-coaches and the use of social media to motivate you.

Benefits for companies:

  • Cost-efficient way to motivate employees
  • Provenly effective for those needing support
  • Easy to connect to existing services and applications
  • Company level PDF reports of the results
  • Health communication channel
  • Follow-up investment effects
  • Complete package: coaching, web-solution, activity monitors

Benefits for end-users:

  • Increase wellbeing with daily activity
  • Self-monitor and visual feedback
  • Easy to follow personal targets and goals
  • Social and fun (teams and challenges)
  • Support of professional coaches


ìts the future

ìts my life gives us the chance to assist, monitor and coach our users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they are. In other words, we are able to reach and motivate large numbers of people in a challenging and fun way.

If you accept ìts my life into your organization, you will have your own digital environment at your disposal in which your corporate identity can be expressed. The password-protected area allows you the possibility of monitoring participation levels and the progress being made, and also of arranging challenges for your organization.

We believe that the strengthening of social bonds, challenges, competition and personal coaching that intenzlife.com offers represents a new dimension in the world of wellbeing.

We are ready for a healthy and active future.

Are you?



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